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The abstract submission in now closed.


Instructions for the submission of an abstract?:

  • The conference language is English and all abstracts and full papers must be submitted in English. Following completion of your abstract, if you are a non-native English speaker, review by a native speaker is strongly recommended to ensure correct English spelling, constructions and grammar.
  • Abstracts must be submitted online. Do not fax, mail or email your abstract as it will not be considered.
  • Abstract text should be divided into Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Conclusion(s).
  • Abstracts may not include tables and graphs.
  • Statements such as 'Results will be presented' will disqualify the abstract! Hard data are requested (statistics, values obtained).
  • Also, descriptions of techniques without data with regards to veterinary oncology, will be removed.
  • The upper limit for the text of the abstract is 250 words (excluding title, author and co-author names, affiliate institutions and sub-headings). Abstracts over this limit will be automatically rejected!
  • Abstracts should contain original work; they are checked rigorously on former publications of the same research/data, and this is a reason for removal.
  • An article on the presented research can be in press, but not already published. If so, in the time between submission and acceptance, it will be removed.
  • Case presentations will only be accepted as poster, but they will need to be exceptional.
             For this joint meeting only : a specific case session will be held during the congress. These case reports will need to be submitted in a separate online system.

             For more information, please go to this link
  • There is only one ORAL presentation allowed per first author. On the other hand : several posters are allowed per submitter.
  • To compete for the Wim Misdorp Resident Award : submitters must resident, under 35 years of age and should be an ESVONC member (residents can apply for a discount in membership fee!)
  • The presenting authors must have good expression in English.
  • After the submission deadline, nothing can be changed (author names, etc.).
  • The decision on acceptance or rejection of an abstract will be made by the ESVONC Scientific Committee, consisting of a panel of reviewers and will be scored using an online numerical scoring system. The panel must reach a consensus for inclusion or rejection of each abstract.
  • The following criteria will be evaluated, although not all assessment criteria carry the same importance. Please take the time to carefully assess your own abstract(s) to these questions; the better it answers these questions, the better your abstract can score in the review process :
    • Is the study relevant to the attendee group?
    • Does the study present new information?
    • Is the study design clear and appropriate?
    • Is the objective/hypothesis of the study clearly stated?
    • Is the abstract clearly and concisely written?
    • Are the study conclusions supported by the abstract content?
    • Does the abstract title adequately reflect the content of the study?
  • The decision communicated by the Scientific Committee is final. No discussion can be entered into using any communication format following the review panel’s decision.
  • The time allowed for presentation is 10 minutes (+2 minutes for questions); for invited clinical abstracts, the time allowed is 12 minutes (+ 3 minutes of questions).
  • For posters : the title of your poster should remain exactly the same as originally sumitted for the abstract review process.
  • Posters should be presented at the congress in A0 size and portrait format and should be created on a single PowerPoint slide.

The abstract submission in now closed.

Submit an Abstract
(Deadline for the submission of abstracts 15/06/2016 ).



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